"In ancient Japan, a monk lived. He always carried a small mirror with him wherever he went. His disciples would laugh and whisper to each other, "Our guru is so vain, he always looks at his own reflection in the mirror!" But the monk didn't change his habit.

One day, a king came to visit the monk. As the monk was gazing into his mirror, the king was surprised and asked, "You have renounced everything, but why can't you renounce this attachment to your own reflection?"

The monk smiled and replied, "When I have a problem, I look into the mirror to see who is responsible for it. The one who appears in the mirror is the root cause of my troubles. Then, I seek a solution to the problem. If I need someone's help, I look into the mirror again, and the one who appears is the one who can solve my problem."

The monk continued, "As long as I have this mirror with me, I will never forget that I am the cause of my own problems and that I have the power to solve them. I will always be aware of my strengths and weaknesses."

The monk's words were a revelation to the king and his disciples, and they all nodded in understanding."