I am Ramkumar, an Electrical and Electronics engineer (1976 -1981) from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, TN. Worked with an MNC as a shop floor foreman between 1981 – 1984. Denying and disagreeing to the policy of not providing shoes to shop floor workmen who were working in precarious conditions led me to buy shoes to my department workmen thereby causing angst in the Management. This led the Management to fire me and end my journey as an employee !!

I was not prepared to work under anyone but did not know what business to do. I was in contemplation and mostly in silence for about 5 months. I got a break- through – I had to do megger test to find the insulation resistance of all electrical equipment in a factory. My first bill was Rs 250. Then I erected Sodium vapor lamp posts in the same factory. I realized that I have become an entrepreneur doing electrical contracts. For three years I was doing many contracts for Banks and other Corporates. From 1986 – 2010, I was doing Turnkey Interiors – from Conceptualization to execution - for Corporates- pan India.

Satisfied goals do not motivate people. My goal of being one among the top Interior decorators in TN was fulfilled. Although I found enormous success outside in the material realm there was something bereft in the inside. About 6 months in contemplation and most of the times in silence I felt that I should go and do something to the Society. This I thought would give me maximum fulfilment by living a life of service and contributions. I was right. Looking back after 9 years I have had a great time doing service in The Ramakrishna Mutt, The Theosophical Society. I had a great inclination to read a number of books on Philosophy and Spirituality and with my own past experiences I was able to write articles. I write to gain clarity about my own understanding !! I grabbed the time to serve, to read and to write… I learned the yoga sutras of Pathanjali through eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and practicing them as well.

Life has been good all along. My best strength is the ability to motivate people to do their best, living by leading a successful, healthy, happy and a contended life, leading from the front, taking responsibility and getting committed to whatever I do, disciplined, focused, high energy levels, always working with the concept of a You win… I win attitude and looking at things from the other man’s perspective.

Being Spiritual really helps… to live life from a higher pedestal.

Professional Bio

What’s my background?

B.E (Electrical and Electronics) from

Annamalai University

Shopfloor Foreman in the maintenance department of an MNC


Entrepreneur - Turnkey

Electrical contracts for most of the Banks and Corporates in Chennai

Entrepreneur - Turnkey

Interior contracts for Major Corporates and showrooms pan India.

Social work done between 2010 till now

The Theosophical Society

Superintendent (Honorary)of maintenance department

Maintenance of all buildings in the 264 acre estate

Director (Honorary) Vocational Training Centre

1 Year tailoring course for women, Electrical, plumbing course for Engineering students A 70 days Training given for more than 350 people and place ment done through Unnathi

General Manager (Honorary)

Looked after the Security, Garden, buildings, Library, Archives, House keeping, Maintenance

Liaison with many Government agencies including police during Honorable President of India

Shri Pranab Mukherjee's visit toward 100th year celebration of Women's India Movement

Shri Ramakrishna Math and Swami Vivekananda Illam
Volunteer (Honorary)

Designed and executed 2 X 2000 sft Book shop, Designed and executed a Book Bank, Executed the chiller room, Executed their shoe shed with EPS section, Designed and executed their 3D cinema theatre


A regular writer in the monthly International holistic magazine that goes to 5 lakh subscribers.


Wake up India - Wrote articles on Spiritual topics

The Theosophist - Wrote articles on Spiritual topics

Theosophical Society - Cuttack Lodge and Coimbatore Lodge

Spiritual Talk on"Attune to the Divine plan of your Life"

Swiss India Trust - Trustee

Discover The Secret Of Happy Life