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Life Transformation

Life transformation or renewal or metamorphosis or radical change. It is distinguished and enchanting when it comes about. All of a sudden you become aware that you have gone through an internal awakening. Nothing has changed in the world outside yet the internal axons or the wiring connecting the 100 billion neurons gets changed changing the functional circuits inside the brain. Physically the person remains the same but spiritually it is as if a butterfly has derived from its chrysalis. Transformation is a door that opens from inside. The butterfly perceives the world with a fresh pair of eyes. It expands its wings to the maximum and takes flight. It is an awesome thing to see this since the spiritual rebirth is as surprisingly wonderful as a physical birth.

The purpose of the grand plan of the Universe is evolution and the purpose of the human being is Life transformation. It means how we successfully keep transcending to the next level. It’s all about focusing on the highest goals. I am creating this website to share my experiences and my perspective about life and living. Thanks to my extraordinary guides in my life Swami Gautamananda, Vice President of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Late Mrs Radha Burnier, President of The Theosophical Society and Mahatria, Founder of Infinitheism. I have stood on the shoulders of giants. The wisdom I am sharing with you isn’t just mine but from my experiences, my teachers and from the books that I have read over the last 3 decades.

I would be delighted if my experiences that I have shared through the articles and essays I have written are useful to you (All of them have been published -some of them in Infinithoughts, an International magazine, some of them in AUETAA Newsletter and some in Wake up India.”

Lovingly yours

S. Ramkumar

For Whom I Will Be Helpful

For People Beginning Their Career

A good beginning is of great importance. Well begun is half done. When the ancients said that a work well begun was half done; what they meant was to impress the importance of always endeavoring to make a good beginning. Work gives meaning to life. All our years of education culminate to stand on our own legs to support ourselves. This is the true meaning of education. Take guidance and blessings from the best well wishers i.e our parents. Taking care of our parents is one sure shot way to live a happy successful life.

For People In Their Mid Life

Many people aged between 40 – 65 undergo a lack in clarity and confidence caused by psychological crisis brought by the realization that highlight his getting aged, unavoidable mortality, regrets, children’s future, feelings of depression, guilt, bad conscience, pity and regret. The knowledge, skills that had brought them to this stage would be found inadequate. That is when they long for a spiritual connection.

For Business People

The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. An entrepreneur is a person who risks their money for freedom rather than exchanging their freedom for money. Everyone can see the risk. The entrepreneur sees the reward. In business more than products and profits relationship with people pays way for the longevity of the business. Short cuts do not work in the long run. Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago. Be that person to leave a legacy. You will get a lot in life if you would help enough other people to get what they want in their lives.

For Senior Citizens

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it does not matter. After a long time of working, raising families and contributing to the success in countless ways senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity. As much as they had taken care of their sons and daughters with love and respect they too would get it back most of the time. To spend their time in reading, writing, gardening, helping the younger generations with their knowledge and wisdom and going to spiritual places.

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Living life from a higher pedestal

Life is like a maze. You have to go through different situations to get from where you are to where you want to be. You get through many twists and turns especially dead ends many times, you retrace your path to find another way and discover that there is always a way out if you need solutions. Faith is the connecting link to speed up the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Faith is the complete trust on someone or something. Faith is one of the most important qualities in Spirituality.

Spirituality is the measure of how willing we are to allow Grace – some power greater than ourselves to enter our lives and guide us in our lives. The highest priority of a Spiritual person is to be loving to yourself as well as others and that includes all living beings, the ecology and the planet we live in.

The prayer of the Theosophical Society is:

  • O Hidden Life! vibrant in every atom
  • O Hidden Light! shining in every creature
  • O Hidden Love! embracing all in oneness

May each who feels himself as one with Thee

Know he is also one with every other.

By Annie Besant

In fact this is the essence of Spirituality. Everything is connected and interwoven. Just like the 2 banks of the river that we see are separated from the exterior but deep within they are connected. The sooner you realize that you are a microcosm and are a part of the macrocosm you will understand that everything is connected you will start experiencing life from a higher pedestal.

Further having the spiritual qualities of acceptance, authenticity, commitment, compassion, discernment, Faith, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, good conduct, gratitude, harmony, humility, integrity, Love, mindfulness, perseverance, patience, sense of humor, strength, silence, simplicity, fearlessness, understanding and above all Unity in diversity besides practice of Ahimsa or nonviolence in thought, word or deed you would be able to view the world with enormous amount of clarity and understanding and start living life from a higher pedestal.

Wise people, Sages and Seers don’t get trapped in the maze since they see the maze from a higher pedestal and as we all know that we can navigate through the maze called Life if we see the maze from an elevation. Let us become wise by living the higherqualities.


Problems are compartmentalized. Solutions are holistic. Everything in this world is connected to everything else in this world is the real meaning of Spirituality. The spirit is eternal. There are spiritual solutions to material needs and not vice versa. Spiritual life coaching will help you identify and achieve personal goals in any area of life and that would take account of your body, mind and spirit. When you take a holistic approach that starts with the spirit as the first point and move further to the mind, to the relationship, to the world and to the destiny, the other areas of our lives are also influenced. You will start experiencing life from a better perspective and your attitudes will change. Things will start getting better. For example when you address your relationship or your career your health could improve while being spiritual!! This type of coaching is different for it is “inside out.” The place where we begin, is our soul - which is the source of life. From the soul which is the deepest part of our self we move to the mind, then to our relationships then to our world and then to our destiny.

This coaching is based on the understanding that we all come from a deeper source and we can access the deeper source by silence, mindfulness, meditation and faith from where we can draw our deepest values and live it.

The benefits of Spiritual life coaching are increase in self -confidence, elimination of fear, higher Self- esteem, more happiness, increased energy levels, annihilation of stress, reduced anger, clarity in thought, reduced depression, better health, better understanding, better relationship, living longer, lower blood pressure, lower sugar, lower hypertension and above all lasting peace and psychological well-being.

Living a spiritual life has helped me to be Successful and Happy on the outside while endowing Joy, Peace and Fulfillment on the inside. If it had helped me it could help you too !!

Annihilating stress

Stress is a body’s response to a challenge or demand. It can be from an event or a thought. It can also be due to emotional problems like anger, anxiety, depression and guilt. It can be caused by the gap caused between where you are to where you want to be. Being spiritual, by connecting to the Divinity inside, the stress levels could be brought down under control.

Eliminating fear

Fear is a response to physical and emotional danger. It has strong roots in human evolution. Most of the time the fear of fear is worse than the actual fear itself. Most of the time the fears that are perceived do not happen!! The acronym of FEAR is “false evidence appearing real!!” A little fear is alright for keeping us safe but fearing all the time would result in psychosomatic diseases. Being spiritual, by connecting to the Divinity inside, the fear could be brought down under control.

Better health and a longer life

We are spiritual beings living a human experience. The body where our spirit resides is the temple of the spirit and the only address for the spirit during this life time. Diseases of the mind results in diseases of the body. Thought is the other name for fate. As we think so we become. If we think positive we get positive results most of the time. But if you think negatively negative things are almost guaranteed to happen. By being spiritual you would know the futility of non -stop chattering of the mind and take steps and bring it to control and maintaining inner peace which empowers better health.

Clarity in thought

Clarity is power. Confusion is weakness. It means that if we have clear goals and objectives we have a better chance of knowing what we want in life!! If we do not know where we are going any road can take you there!! By reducing the thought traffic and being spiritual we could be in Alpha state of the mind most of the time. We could then become part of solutions!!


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