Beyond the senses

A Talk at AUETAA House by Mr Anoop Jaiswal, IPS, DGP- Police Housing Board, Chennai - on 17-8-2013

Responding to the welcome and introduction given by S.Ramkumar, the Secretary of AUETAA, Mr Anoop Jaiswal, IPS stated that even though he was a Physics student he developed deeper interest in Quantum mechanics during the last 10 to 15 years. Mr Jaiswal explained about the Scientific development especially in Physics over the last 4 centuries where fascinating researches, disclosures and discoveries were made in the 20' th and 21'st century. There is a realm which is beyond our senses more than conventional accounting of our mind which receives the sensory stimuli, Mr Anoop Jaiswal said. Even though so many scientists like Archimedes and Newton are credited with the discovery of the law of floatation, law of gravity it was left to their genius to perceive everything. Whether it is Science or Spirituality perception varies from person to person. There are instances to show that identical perceptions have take place simultaneously between people who live far away from one another.

We are in the midst of a materialistic age, when many are asking whether there may not be another and truer view of the universe. The psychological confinement to the region of the five senses is responsible for the unhappy situations. Those who go through near death experience (NDE) understand the depth and the beauty of the afterlife perceptions beyond the senses and mind. There are many who shrink from the suggestion of any real existence beyond the world of sense, and many more who habitually live as if there were none. Even those who repudiate materialism on formal philosophical grounds, live in practical accordance with its outlook, and accept a picture of the world which is reminiscent of the maps of ancient times. In the centre is placed the continent of the world of sense, and all around it is filled in with a vague ‘supernatural’ sea.

Uneasy glances are cast at this, and the map-reader is given the instructions: ‘The unexplained, does not exists’. However, the very science which launched this age has tumbled on facts, which the materialistic thinking cannot account for and the spiritual Ghost has entered our life again not through any new religion but through modern scientific laboratories. That is to say there is a life beyond the cognition of normal senses and it could be understood by really earnest open minded researches. More on the subject could be got by getting in to "NDE" in the internet.