Choice and Consequence

Life operates on 'Cause and Effect Principle." We can use our knowledge and experience gathered over several years and take a Choice expecting a certain Consequence. In most of the cases the Consequences are not what we would be expecting for. Wisdom is in knowing that while choices are in our hands Consequences are in His hands. Choices are born out of our will whereas consequences are born out of His will.

Choices that we take have four types of Consequences. They are :

  • More than what we expected.
  • Less than what we expected.
  • Equal to or same as what we expected. (OR)
  • Opposite of what we expected )which could be out of the blues) God upsets our plans so that He can execute HIS and HIS plans are always right though we might not understand.

If the Consequence is not as per our expectations we need to take another Choice to get our desired Consequence.

Choices are born out of our intelligence. Consequences are born out of His intelligence. Our intelligence operates on microscopic data; His intelligence operates operates on Macroscopic data.

Life is like a game of chess that we play with God. Our moves are called Choices. His moves are called Consequences. The game of life operates only in this fashion. As the game progresses, it gets a little tougher. God's moves gets the game tougher and sets you thinking about the possible better moves to get our intended results. His moves get even more tougher. But when we don't give up and move persistently, try and move our coins diligently, God wins the game by allowing us to win the game !!

Using our intelligence when it comes to executing Choices and surrendering our intelligence to the Universal Intelligence is intelligent Living.

Understanding the "Choice and Consequence Principle" leads us to live our life in a much better way.