In a psychology class room for PG’s a talk was going on about “what is freedom?” Different people were giving different analysis. One said Freedom is the ability to say No to the things that we know are wrong to do, irrespective of the situation. Another one said, freedom means we can do whatever we want as long as one doesn’t land up in jail. One said freedom means, freedom from ego. And many more views.

The professor was amused with the different views and was happy with the exchange of different perspectives. He asked the class, “do you know how freedom is taken away from you?” The class was silent. The professor asked the class if they have heard about the “pig story?” The class replied NO. There is a systematic way freedom is taken away from us if we are not aware and watchful.

There were a lot of wild pigs which played havoc in the fields of the villagers. It was difficult to catch them for they did the pigs foraged into their fields only during nights. The villagers thought of a plan. Elections had just got over and they had learnt a few lessons from them.



The villagers knew that pigs like corn. So, they collected corn in a few buckets and generously dispersed them in one area of the farm. The pigs saw that and were confused. Whether to eat it or not. They thought that when they saw no villagers in the vicinity, they started eating it. No effort needed. The farmers continued the act in the morning of dispensing corn and the wild pigs got habituated with eating the corn.

The farmers took to the next stage in their action plan. They made a fence only on one side in the area where they were feeding the pigs. The pigs didn’t mind it. After a passage in time another fence was done perpendicular to the first fence so the fence took the framework of an “L” The pigs did not mind it either. Then after a little bit more time another fence was constructed to make the fence into a “C” The pigs were least bothered and continued to eat the free corn available without much sweat.

The villagers then closed the fencing on all four sides with a gate in the fourth fence. The pigs cared two hoots for the latest addition, all the pigs entered through the gate and were busily munching the corn when suddenly on of the villagers went to the gate and shut it. All the wild pigs were caught. They ran around the fencing but could not escape. They kept eating the corn until it got over.



This is what happens in life too. You are given a lot of freebees. Many people don’t think of the “Catch” but continue to get it and lose their freedom of thought and freewill and end pathetically. We should be aware and watchful and ask “Why?” when something comes free or something comes with strings attached. There is no free lunch.

We also get trapped and lose a lot of money when some service provider comes out with various schemes like a higher FD rate in a nonstandard institution, tax exemptions, food security, land acquisition, nonresident farming plans, nonresident teak plantations, free medicine, and so many more ways to lure people who are gullible and fall into the trap…

It’s important to remember that not to lose the power of understanding when someone is giving something free. Be aware…