A documentary in Afghanistan shows a group of teenagers playing football. There were about 14 of them. The game developed pace and every one was absorbed in the game. Suddenly one of the players raised both his hands and shouted "Freeze !! All the players froze and stood wherever they were.

The player who shouted 'Freeze' slowly pointed out his hand where he suspected a landmine been planted.

All the players gathered enough stones and from a distance threw stones on the place where there was a possibility of a landmine. One of the stones hit the target and there was a big explosion.

The players jumped in ecstasy and began playing football with the same fervor !!


In the same way the best way forward now is to FREEZE remain wherever you are. A time will come soon when you can resume play.

We will win against the pandemic Covid19 very soon...

There should be a way and the way is on the way...

Stay positive. This too shall pass