Giving Is what Living is all about

Inspired by the mobile status in the WattsApp of Mr Meera Reddy 84 Civil & Structures  which states, “Ready to help and Mr L. Kasinathan 80 Civil & Structures who always gives some gift to anyone and everyone he meets and does it all the time made me to write this report about “THE ART OF Helping and GIVING !!  One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another is If someone is in need lend him a helping hand. Do not wait for a Thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation  of something in return.

One of the most essential  Spiritual qualities  is the “Law of Giving”.  You will get whatever you want in life if you would help many people get what they want in their lives. What goes around also comes around.  Without giving there is no true life.  For Success, Good health, Well Being, Happiness, Peace, Inner Growth (Spirituality) and Outer Growth (Materialism) the law of Giving comes in as an engine with mechanism for achieving Inner Peace, Deep Relaxation and Self Realization. As we give we receive.  Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe and  flowing is the Law of nature. Trying to stop the circulation  of energy is similar to stopping the flow of blood. Keeping everything in circulation like blood sent to different parts of the body naturally (otherwise blood will clot) Exchange of gases in our lungs (Respiration), the flow of money also has to be an integral part to keep the money (Life energy) to flow.

 It would be in our own interest to give but giving without expectations would enable us maintain the flow which comes back to us in multifold. The return is directly proportional to the giving if it is unconditional from the heart.  The intention should be to generate happiness for the Giver and the Receiver  since Happiness is Life supporting and Life sustaining.  Anything that has value in life only multiplies when it is given.  Giving is just not money or food or clothes  or belongings a person needs but also things that cannot be seen such as a kind word, advice and reassurance, a smile or even a prayer. One of the best ways to Give is to  Give Hope. We all live on hopes.

A month back the residents of our Building association assembled in the house of one of the residents who is a very senior and a respectable gentleman. Our apartment block is on the main road. When we were talking about some of the maintenance issues in our building an ambulance went past with the wails of the siren loud enough to interrupt our talking. When we were waiting for the ambulance to pass the  gentleman brought his palms together closed his eyes, directed his eyes towards the source of sound and silently prayed. Sending  a silent prayer spreads love and peace.  This noble person was sending healing and loving thoughts to the person being taken to the hospital. I felt good like everyone else present there and for the rest of the meeting there was better Connectivity amongst us. Truly giving something from the heart is an action which would fill our life with joy and true giving without expectation of anything in return is as effortless as breathing.  Just shows that deep down we are all connected deep down although it might seem from the surface like the 2 banks separated by a river that is flowing in between.

Buddha said that before giving the mind of the giver is happy. While giving the mind of the giver is made peaceful and after having given the mind of the giver is uplifted. Giving is love in motion. The practice of giving has to be inculcated in the children who are going to be the architects of the world in future and they have to be taught about kindness, generosity which are all other words for love.

Wherever you go whomsoever you meet give them a gift. It could be a flower or a book or sweets or prayer or hope or a kind word or appreciation or your valuable time or a compliment. Love people and use things and not otherwise.  The Art of Giving is to Give Now,  Give as much as you can,  Give it with all your heart, Give quietly without Judgment, We rise by Giving others.