Is there a meaning to Life

Void of Nothingness

The Yogi concluded his talk to a congregation of around 500 people under the topic “Life and Living.” The floor was open for ‘Question and Answer.’ One person in the audience took the mike and in an assured manner told the Yogi, “ The Life that we are living is meaningless.” “When you delve into the depth of life I see that that there is absolutely no meaning to life.” “Everything is meaningless.” “ Everything is null and void.” “Everything is hollow.” “ Even the question I am asking is meaningless !! What do you say?”

The Yogi thought about the question seriously and asked the man, “How do you say that everything is meaningless; everything has a reason. The man replied, “if you say so, even reason is meaningless.” The sage assured him that everything that’s happening has a reason. The reason you see that everything is meaningless is precisely the way things have got to be. That’s the design. The emptiness or the vacuum is what that frees you to create your own meaning. Existence is like an open notebook that needs your innovative contribution.

Shaft and HubFor example When the potter makes the pot it is the use of the pot is where there is nothing. When you open the doors of a room it is where there is nothing that is useful to the room. Thirty spoke will converge in the hub of a wheel but the void in which the shaft moves within the hub is useful for movement. The cup is useful in the space where it is not. For everything there is a meaning, it’s just that we have to be more aware and search with the tool of intuition. The form gives it its function and the void gives it its usefulness.

We have been given this vast world to create our own meaning, to be creative, be successful and happy. The objective of this Universe is evolution and the objective of human beings is transformation, besides helping to find our own meanings and aid in evolution.