Life hinges on relationships

A mouse happened to swallow a big diamond inside a jeweler’s house. The jeweler screamed and ran behind the mouse but the mouse ran in all directions and managed to escape from the jeweler. The jeweler called a professional to catch the mouse. The professional came with his shot gun. The mouse shrieked and tens of mice appeared from nowhere and the mouse which had swallowed the diamond got lost amongst all the other

A strange thing happened then. The mouse which had swallowed the diamond moved away from the other mice and was actually staring at them from a distance. The professional lost no time in taking his gun and shooting the mouse to death. He removed the diamond from the mouse’s stomach after cutting it open, washed it and gave it to the jeweler, got his fee and started moving towards the door.

The jeweler was seeing the turn of events and was perplexed as to why the mouse with the diamond ran for dear life when he was chasing, stay put in a corner, not joining with the other mice. He asked the professional if he knew the reason as to why the mouse behaved the way it did.

In essence, the professional likened the situation to how some individuals behave when they suddenly acquire wealth. They often distance themselves from those who were once close to them, elevating their standards of living and potentially drifting away from certain relatives or friends. This behaviour is reminiscent of what's known as "nouveau riche" behaviour. It's important to note that this observation doesn't apply to all newly wealthy individuals, but it is a common trend among many. However, such distancing can prove troublesome in times of danger or when assistance is needed, as those they've distanced themselves from may be less inclined to offer help.

It takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose one. The same theory works here as well. The relationship nurtured over the years are lost when some of them suddenly get into a lot of money or a big position not knowing that this life of ours is just a flicker. Any minute anything can happen. The life of ours hinges on relationships. Money may come, may go, but the closest relationships with relatives and friends have to be maintained very well at all times. Relationships give meaning to life.

Life is not just about money, name & fame but more about intra-relationship and inter-relationship. Relationship with ourself and with others.