Nature’s behavior is nothing but the reflection of our own mental attitude

The One without a second

The world operates on a Cause and Effect principle or simply termed as the Laws of Causation. They are :

1. An effect cannot be without a Cause.
2. Effects are the Cause itself in a different forms
3. From the Effect if the Cause is removed, nothing remains.

If one could live in complete awareness of these laws, further learning can be stopped !!

Man’s technological advancement has done enormous good to mankind. Distances have shrunk by invention of airplane, automobiles, communication across time zones at any instant, latest medicines to cure from common cold to cancer, modern equipment in farming to improve efficiency, the world of computers, and many breakthroughs in science and technology thereby improving the Standard of living and Life Expectancy. However in this competitive world the quality of life has deteriorated. Desires to possess the many things available in this world have increased, not because I need them but because of family, social and status pressures.

There are a lot of forces which we think we could control but there are a zillion forces that we don’t know of are also acting based on the law of Causation. It is a Universal law that when our behavior is perfect, nature shall
also behave perfectly. The recent El Nino, the climate change due to deforestation, soil erosion, constructing towns and villages on lakes and water bodies, heat trapped at the surface of the earth because of Greenhouse gases thereby making the earth hotter and so on… are testimonies of the aftermath of the actions of man’s ego and selfish desires.

Man alone disobeys laws and he alone suffers in this world. There is no suffering for the plants or animals or the birds. They all implicitly obey the laws of instincts and impulses. Man alone does not obey; he asks why should I obey the law? And as a result of which he creates all the sorrows in the world. The human signature is there in all the sorrows of this world. The sorrows are all man made. The disharmony is created because of our ego and selfish desires.

Mighty phenomenal forces are called Deva. Deva does not mean God. Deva means the mighty phenomenal forces – Varuna, the waters, Vayu, the air, Agni, the fire, Indra, the mighty power of the rain. Each is a phenomenal force. This has been given such names in those days as God. The Devas are phenomenal forces on which the puny human beings have no control.

When the people in the world cherish the other people in the world with the spirit of Co-operation and Coordination, when you change the style of life, sinking your differences and together come and work in the world outside, that the Deva or the mighty Phenomenal forces shall cherish you back. This is a Universal law told in the Scriptures. When our behavior is perfect, nature shall behave perfectly. When we are crazy mad, nature which is nothing but our behavior’s true reflection also gets crazy mad !!

We complain that nature is so erratic, it has been more hot in summer, very cold in winter, rains during odd seasons, inundation of coastal areas and the like not knowing that we ourselves are the cause for this predicament !! If we Change, the actions of the Phenomenal Forces would also change. Nature reflects man and his behavior. We should invoke nature by living a beautiful life – with love and kindness, with tolerance, compassion, mercy for others and live harmoniously.

Nature will change its mood in reciprocation to our mental attitude. When we become a healthy person our reflection in the mirror shows a healthy person. Nature’s behavior is a mental reflection of our mental attitude in life.