Dr PS Kumar – Inspire – Coffee table book

You should know where you are going is a famous Zen saying. If you don’t know where you are going almost any road can take you there!! You should know what you want in life. If you don’t know what you want in life, you get directionless with an overwhelming sense of agitation. Once you know what you want and know where you are going you are empowered with enormous amount of clarity and clearness. Clarity improves connection and engagement since it increases trust and transparency and helps bring focus in whatever one does. Focus is the ability to say “Yes” to the one and say “No” to the other 99.

Dr PS Kumar knew where he was going, what he wanted, had enormous clarity and focus with a sense of purpose. Kumar’s family hails from Thiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur. They were in wholesale jaggery business for more than 100 years. Kumar studied staying in different cities right from his 3rd standard which he did in Trichy, Poompukar, Cuddalore, then moved to Trichy and Thanjavur. He completed his BE - Mechanical engineering from Annamalai university in the year 1986 and was the first to graduate in their whole family !! He did his ME – Production Engineering from Annamalai University between 1986-1988 and joined Bharat University as a lecturer. The promoter of the college saw Kumar as having business acumen and an ability to discern between what is needed, which is the best and which is preferable under the circumstances in all the purchases that were happening in the University which saved a lot of money.

A movie with his friends (in the year 1989) to Shanthi theatre, Kumar picked up a book “உன்னால் முடியும் தம்பி”, written by Dr M.S. Udayamurthy from a road side shop. He read it in one go. From a shy and an introverted personality that he was he became changed. Everything in the outer remained the Kumar’s inner engineering got changed. He wanted to live life on his own terms; to do something which he liked; just not to exist in world.

During his initial professional carrier Kumar was with various companies like Lloyd Insulations Pvt Ltd, Ind-Ocean Engineers Pvt Ltd, Fort Gloster Cables Limited. In 1992 he joined Universal Cables Ltd (MP Birla Group) and while with the Birla’s learnt the art of building business relationship, negotiations, professionalism, value of money and time management.

In 1994 he joined L & T in Plastics Processing Machinery Division, Heavy Engineering Group. Knowing his potential his immediate superior (Mr KRL Narasimhan) encouraged him to do his MBA in Marketing Management to turn him as a Marketing Professional. He applied many management concepts in his job. He became an expert & pro in Value Selling, Concept Selling and Relationship Selling etc. He was a Top Performer in his Department. He was trained well by his superiors like KRLN, ESK, NSS, VG & PK in all aspects of Business. Kumar was a Great Team Builder. He proudly says his success in L&T is due to the excellent team he had. His stay in L&T was close to two decades which shaped him a true world class professional. While working in L&T again his superior (Mr P Kailas) encouraged him to register his Ph.D in Business Administration.

From L&T he moved to Fiat Industrial Group company – CNH Construction Equipment, Mumbai as Head of Communications & Branding. In 2012 he joined with Karthigeya Group as Group Chief Executive and then moved to Butterfly Kitchen Appliances Ltd as Senior Vice President – Research & Development. In Oct, 2015 he decided to be on his own and quit the Corporate world.

Currently he is a Top Management Consultant now and also trains business people on management. He is a founder of Dr PS Kumar - 360° Transformation which focuses on all round development of business people in order to be successful and to get consistent desired results.

Dr PS Kumar uses modern training ways like Design Thinking, Mind Mapping, Collaborative, Conversational Learning & by following Profit Focused Process Oriented systems like X-Matrix. His training programmes are highly informative, inspiring & igniting.

(Dr PS Kumar Full Day Training Programme on Consumer Behaviour for 1000+ people at Sri Balaji University, Pune)

He has trained over 75,000 people and transformed their lives. His YouTUBE channel (Dr PS Kumar Youtube Channel) is popular for the people who want to develop themselves.

He joined with Mr G Viswanathan (82 Chemical) and Mr R Ramdoss (86 M&P) and started a Technical Startup – ETAsmart Pvt Ltd and offer Design, supply & integrate “SmartTESS Central Smart Air Conditioning Systems with SmartTESS Thermal Energy Storage Systems” He is the Managing Director of this company.

It’s not what you have that is important, it’s what you do with what you have that’s important and helps in reaching out to goals.