Meera Reddy (1984 C & S) – Coffee Table Book

Decision making is traditionally viewed as a rational process where reason and logic calculates the best way to achieve the goal. Human decisions and actions are actually influenced by three key neural systems – the head, the heart and the hunch. A smart person makes important life decisions simply with their brain; a wise person includes their heart’s input in all that they choose !! Listening to your head may lead to more tangible success but not to follow your heart decreases the chances of living a satisfying life. Meera Reddy (1984 C& S ) has a rare combination of using the head, heart and hunch simultaneously – clear thinking, emotional processing and intuition.

The formative years determines the “Values” that gets embedded into their lives. The school where you study and the company you keep constantly (Sangam Saranam Gacchami) determines the kind of person you are largely today. Meera studied at Ramakrishna Mission T. Nagar and as a consequence of his association with the monks there, his personality even today encompasses a Good Value System, Character, Discipline & Compassion.

Founded Scanet Trading in 1994 for exporting “Live Lobsters” primarily to China and Hong Kong. Scanet commands a market share of over 70% and has received number of awards from Ministry of Commerce, Government of India as the largest “Live Lobster exporter” .

Founded SKCL in 2003 with prime focus on promoting high quality grade A+ office assets. SKCL has delivered over a million sq.ft in Chennai and has more than 72 tenants across all its facilities.

SKCL always stuck to Quality & Timely delivery and have never advertised till today . SKCL commands a premium of around 25 % in every micro market they exist.

SKCL maintains their commercial buildings through their sister concern SKCLPMS with “Zero down time” and the buildings are always in excellent condition.

SKCL has partnered with Indo-space and delivered over a million sq.ft of warehousing space and successfully exited the same after completion of the development.

Involved in Philanthropic activities in a small way , rendering yearly support to dumb and deaf children through “Guild of Service , spastic children and children with learning disabilities through Vidyasagar and Balamandir respectively, education for 100 orphan children in Nellore through an organization called Vatsalya. Contributed Rupees one hundred lakhs to AP government for construction of a Degree College and refurbishment of existing schools in Nellore district. Besides this he has always been a silent contributor and as Matthew 6:3 says when you give to the poor don’t let anyone know about it, he doesn’t say it.

His thoughts on Failures and Success in Business are listed below

Thoughts on failures in Business

  • Failures in businesses are inevitable and every time we fall, we have to pick ourselves up and keep moving. Entrepreneurs never sit and cry, they get up and fight.
  • Failure is not a taboo, everyone fails including the biggest business houses

Thoughts to be successful in career / business

  • Never cheat anyone.
  • Never chase money, as money always wins
  • Work with passion, money and fame would follow.
  • Honor your word, no matter what.
  • Trust is the biggest investment in business.
  • Clients are always right, even if they are wrong.
  • “NO” should not be the answer if you are in a Service industry and “YES” should not be the answer if you are in capital intensive industry.
  • Always have a human angle, put people first.
  • Always be on time.

AUETAA celebrates this most complete human being Meera Reddy who is a “Role Model” to many youngsters.