The One without a second

The One without a second

Everything in this world has a hierarchy and is bound to the extent to which it could control. The positions occupied by people are so very important. They are called Sthanams or positions. To cite a few: even if you are the leader of the opposition party you still are under the Prime minister or Chief minister. Even if you are the President of a company you are still under the Chairman. Even if you are the commissioner of police you are still under the DGP. You may not like the person but he is the judge in your case. The list goes on.

It is not the person who is of importance here, it’s the position they are occupying. It’s also possible that the leader of the opposition could well become the Prime minister or Chief minister or the President becoming the Chairman or the Commissioner becoming the DGP. These are all man made hierarchies.

When it comes to nature’s role here as far as hierarchy is concerned there are four positions that are one without a second. They are 1. God. 2. Guru. 3. Father. 4. Mother. Aligning to the four stanams or the four Divine chairs there is a pay off.

God is the creator of this Universe and it is the play in which we are all acting. It’s called a Leela or play or game. It’s like a game of chess we are playing with God. Your moves are called choices and His moves are called consequences. For every choice you take there are consequences; however if you play the game well and are aligned to the spiritual laws, God wins the game by allowing you to win the game !!

God is Absolute, the Truth, the Ultimate Reality, Immutable, Touch of Consciousness, Spring of Existence – the One without a second.

The father’s sperm and the mother’s egg fertilize to become an embryo and when it becomes a fetus it has life – by the touch of God, Higher Reality, spring of Consciousness. The father and mother physically produce a just a form but God gives it it’s life.

The mother shows the child who the father is and the father takes him to the Guru and the Guru shows the way to God, the Formless. In Sanskrit the sequence is Mata, Pitha, Guru and Deivam – Mother, Father, Guru and God. All are one without a second. It is not what you mean to them but it is what they mean to you that is important. Hence hold your thoughts and feelings toward them in the highest perspective.

Even if you have not had the best of parents still be good to them. Forgive them; they would not have done anything deliberately. Get your feelings right with them. By forgiving you are not liberating them, instead you are liberating yourself !! Take care of them. Spend time with them. Show Gratitude to them. Be devoted to them. Keep them cheerful.

When you are aligned to the existential hierarchy – Mata, Pitha, Guru and Deivam, nature rewards you with bounties – not just wealth but good health, happiness, joy, peace, compassion and understanding. Not aligning to the existential hierarchy one would meet their peril.

The One without a second

Thus when one is aligned to the four principal sthanams or positions by being devoted (Love in Spiritual term is called devotion) be sure all nature’s bounties and abundance are set to flow through them. Be aligned to your Mata, Pitha, Guru and Deivam.